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What sets our products apart?

Unique product design

If you are looking for unique handmade desk accessories to optimize your workspace Justwoodit can definitely make it happen! Our original designs are available in a lot of different shapes and sizes. All products are smoothly sanded and protected with a mineral oil and a beeswax to serve their purpose for a number of years.

Handmade with attention to detail

At  Justwoodit we highly prioritise our customers and their unique orders. All products are designed and hadmade to meet the best quality standards. They are not only customised, but also prepared for despatch to be delivered to their end users without any issues!


Oak woods

  • Durable and damage-resistant
  • Natural resistance to fungal and mold growth
  • Withstands a heavy load
  • Elegant appearance and beautiful texture
high quality
High quality materials

In order to provide quality products to all our customers Justwoodit carefully selects its suppliers to make sure that their materials meet best possible  standards. We believe that our investment of appropraite resources (solid hardwood iinstead of mdf boards) and time always pays off as we deliver quality items that our end users will enjoy for their lifetime.

Ability to personalize products

At Justwoodit we belive that our customers are key element and main purpose  of our business egsistence within the global market. We pay attention to each single order and make sure that its end user receives a product that satisfies all his expected specifications and  standards.

Good reputation and satisfied customers

Justwoodit was born out of a real passion towards elegance and simplicity that can be obtained from unique peaces of wood. In order to be able to share our business dream with our customers, we pay a lot of attention to their needs and carefully follow all their instructions. We believe that personalised and unique handmade wooden items not only make our customers happy, but also encourage them to leave feedback that will help us to become better and develop our business to the best expected standards!


Nice quality, strong and really nice finish! Looks lovely on our desk

Jenni Sanders

Really happy with this desk riser. Ironically I bought it for myself and it now sits on my wife’s desk. My desk, is in need for something now… hint hint.

Pattern Paradise

  • Professional approach to the customer
  • Product quality
  • Fast shipping
  • No Assembly Required

Build your unique workplace with us

About us

It is commonly said that all best ideas are always firstly born in people’s hearts and Justwoodit is definitely one of them. Our business was born out of a real passion towards natural materials and desire to create unique products accessible for everyone. Today we would like to share with you a piece of our world and provide you with items that will bring smile to your face each time you look at them. Are you ready to join our journey?

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